Custom Toppers


As a hair system manufacturer, TopElles custom hair toppers for come in a wide variety of different designs, colors and textures. We offer frontal, partial, crown and full coverage hair toppers for women. Every single hairpiece is carefully handcrafted to meet the specific needs of your customers. With our custom hair toppers, you will find the very best solution for your customers who suffer with alopecia and thinning hair.

Valerie | 5x7" Wholesale Human Hair Silk Base Toppers

Flora | 6x7" Human Hair Double Monofilament Toppers Wholesale

Rylee 2.25x11.5" | Human Hair | Frontal Partial Hairpiece

Vivian 5.5x6.5" | Human Hair | Full Lace Hand Tied Topper Wholesale

Melanie 6x6.5 | Human Hair | Hand-tied Lace Toppers Supplier

Lavender 6x7" | Human Hair | Monofilament Toppers Wholesale

Lexie 6x7" | Human Hair | Ponytail Toppers Manufacturer

Kylie 8x8" | Human Hair | Silk Base Lace Toppers Supplier

Charlie 9x9" | Human Hair | Silk Wefted Toppers Wholesale

Lainey 10x10" | Whoppers Human Hair | Lace Toppers Factory

Haisley 10x10" | Human Hair | Wholesale Monofilament Toppers


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