Lace Front Toppers


Lace toppers mean the hair is hand-tied on to the lace, and lace bases are designed to be comfortable and highly breathable. All lace toppers have the front lace. Lace topper offer a more natural look at the parting line and are friendly to people experiencing hair loss. If your hairline is thinning, hair topper with a lace front will be a better choice. This is because the front part of lace allow the hair topper to naturally transition to the forehead. The front lace designed offers a very natural hairline.

In Stock | 11x11'' Braylee | Human Hair | Whoppers Lace Topper

6x7.5'' Claire | Human Hair | Full Lace Toppers Wholesale

8x8'' Whitley | Human Hair | Full Lace Hand Tied Toppers

5.5x6.5" Leanna | Human Hair | Full Lace Topper Supplier

9x9'' Braylee | Human Hair | Lace Top Toppers Wholesale

7x8'' Warm Brunette | Remy Human Hair | Lace Front Topper

6x6'' Sweet Cola | Remy Human Hair | Lace Front Topper

8x8'' Layla | Curly Remy Hair | Lace Front | Hand Tied Topper

10x10'' Expresso | European Hair | Full Coverage | Lace Front Topper

7x8'' Bleach Blonde | Remy Hair | Lace Front Topper

8x8'' Ash Blonde | Remy Hair | Lace Front Topper

7x8'' Brown Balayage | Remy Hair | Lace front Topper


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